Sunday, March 2, 2014


A war starts with a man killing another and continues with the man’s child berating the child of the other. This is for all Pakistani’s, Bangladeshis and Indians out there.
Dear People,
We all know the wars our countries have faced; we are all daughters and sons of that victimized generation.
Countrymen -berating other countrymen in today’s world will make you look like an immature brat who has the liberty to talk about a war- A WAR which you quite obviously did not personally witness-So today? it does not make sense for you to make judgements about what happened then because A) you are demeaning other countryman’s victim and B) YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT THOSE PEOPLE WENT THROUGH. So why talk about wars like it happened in your lifetime.
Wars for whatever reason, is never justifiable! It is wrong that mothers and daughters were raped for defending their belief or their language. It is  wrong for fathers and sons who died defending their homes and families, its  wrong for a train full of people to be slaughtered for wanting to migrate to another country on the brink of division. IT IS WRONG!  Does it matter if it was Pakistani or an Indian or a Bangladeshi?  If you want to hate-hate the war, hate the circumstances, DONOT hate the people. THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR WAR ARE DEAD, ITS NOT OUR FAULT! Sorry!  

You can go on and on and talk about all the wrong that Pakistan did to Bangladesh or India did to Pakistan. Point fingers at their country and be all; it’s YOUR country that waged a war against mine. Boo-FUCKING-HOO people died on both the sides. THEY DIED AND WERE TORTURED. Are you seriously going to sit there on your comfy beds and sofas with full tummies, and talk about who died a more gruesome death? Please be mature and grow up. Don’t demean those who died, who died in the hope of a better future, not for a future where you sit and point fingers. We all know that life is harsh and not fair to everyone but we also know that it goes on. We can either live in the past or move ahead and try to forgive and forget. You decide.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Direct Relationship of Time and Regret

Time is of the essence, time's a wasting. time's running out. So many phrases to denote time's most important characteristic that time lost never comes back?.or 'we gotta live like we're dying'(if you sung this particular phrase out, I don't blame you). How do I get myself to live every second of my life, such that I don't have any regrets when the moment passes. Can you ever get enough of time spent at home, with your baby brother or mother-or just doing things most precious to you? I don't think we will ever find peace with time, ever- so you may spend time having heart-to-hearts with your mom every morning, you will still regret not spending enough!- on the other hand you may do stupid things like hurting people over mundane conversations, which tops my list of the most regrettable WRONG things I may have done (OK fine, I HAVE done) will lead to regret, regret and more regrets! The culprit, ladies and gentlemen is the fact the time is moving. the more time spent; tick tock tick tock, the more you'll come to regret. hey! an epiphany:--
There was this cartoon series I used to watch about this kid who had a magic clock with a button , which if you'd press would stop time and would leave him to do whatever he wanted; and that'd often be doing his homework right before submission(-HOW STUPID). Since then, this watch is what I have ever wanted when asked about the one magic thing I'd desire. The second would be the ability to Apparate-saving travelling time-dayum! another epiphany. Wow, the weird moment you realise you've been running around wanting time all your life!
I guess the most we can do is get into the habit of using your head before blabbering and do whatever you love doing in whatever time you get, it'd bode well to prioritize on the many things you love doing, after all-'you may never go back in time and erase the past' or have 'a do-over'. Any chances of us having  recurring Groundhog days is next to nil. So while these phrases may sound meaningless after some time they need to be taken seriously.

Monday, June 3, 2013


Tangled threads, connected but inter looped ribbons of different colors-that's what life looks like with people as complex as the other, but somehow connected by generally being tangled.
We're all stuck with each other whether we want to or not, the faster people realise this, the better. How much time are you going to spend judging and labelling each and everyone by the way they act or the way they dress. If you find yourself being punched out of the way, by a female with lots of coconut oil in her hair,  try to imagine what she's thinking about while ploughing down innocent people, who knows she probably had a tragic childhood; being trampled on by hordes of people. You should then reprimand yourself for taking perverse pleasure in such evil thoughts.  We're all putting on a show, trying to be someone-whether we are doesn't matter, for you're acting either because you want to be like that and it doesn't take long to turn into whatever you want to turn into. Which is why someone wise said, think good thoughts, for it doesn't take long for that thought to be exposed by your actions.  The point is we're all messed up and we don't have the right to judge whose more or less so. The key is to suppress the sarcasm and evil that we all know is fun to let out sometimes.
And, yes my brain is as mangled as the above text that does not make sense whatsoever.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Books and Feels

I have often tried to explain in words the emotional state I go through when I flip through your pages and tap away page after page and watch the story unravel. To describe the omnipotent happiness I feel when I plunge into the world that you sketch and reel from the thrill of running with Katniss dodging Fireballs, or feel Eragon’s very first flight with Saphira (albeit not a good one), the endless tireless search for Penryn’s sister, Trek with Saba through the red Dustlands, grow with Harry from an orphan to a brave wizard and experience Yelena tasting the very first of the poisons. I remember watching Lizzie reject Mr. Darcy’s first attempt at a proposal, laughed at Becky’ effort at controlling her shopping urges and cried with Jane when she felt betrayed. I explored Grisha with Alina and ran with Eva from the hunters who kill clones. I watched Yukiko avenge her mother's death and felt Ella’s terror at being used as weapon against Char.I let your writers mangle my guts and twist them with their pen strokes and give them authority to mess with my nerves, yanking on emotional chords I didn’t know existed, by just allowing them to capture their minds onto paper. To call them ‘fictionalized characters’ feels wrong because you know they live and breathe through those pages and words. They are nonetheless but, and it’s sad when you don’t get to live with them anymore for they’ve found peace and closure but you haven’t had enough of their magical lives (I’m sure it’s not hard to guess which book I’m referring to here) You bring highs and lows and yet you aren’t a living thing. How wonderful it is to find reprieve in your world, when it gets rough here. Sometimes you give me hope, sometimes you give me despair and most times I feel everyone perseveres and there is hope. And I still can’t find words to describe why I persist on finding the best of you even after reading a countless number of crap ones. The power you have over me sometimes scares the shit out of me but it’s human nature I guess to go after things that bring out the most volatile feelings in you.
References (in the order of which mentioned)
  1. The Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins
  2. Eragon (The Inheritence Cycle)- Christoper Paolini
  3. Harry Potter
  4. Blood Red Road by Moira Young
  5. The Poison Study by Maria V Snyder
  6. Pride and Prejudice
  7. Confessions of a Shopaholic-Sophie Kinsella
  8. Jane Eyre
  9. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
  10. The Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna
  11. Storm Dancer by Jay Kristoff
  12. Ella Echanted by Gail Carson Levine

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happily Ever After?

I have been lately thinking about happy and sad endings and I am not sure any more if such a thing exists. I have always loved intense books or movies with a good-happy ending and disliked the ones that end with deaths or sad ones.
 I was watching ‘Becoming Jane’ last night and I deliberated late, whether the ending was; good or sad. The fact that Jane Austen never married was quite sad, I mean it IS particularly upsetting when you love someone who LOOKS like ames Mcavoy (i mean, seriously?) and you don’t get to be with him in the end because some wretched uncle decides to not support you financially, and because elopement could only lead to loss of honor or any sense of propriety not to mention, that would totally disrupt your career and the financial stability of all the young siblings you’re supporting. Then I thought, Austen has disliked the upper-lower class discrimination and her disdain for upper class superiority and sexual descrimination has always been portrayed clearly in her books. So what, if she didnt marry who she wanted. Life isnt particulary fair, to anybody, the fact that people preservere and the very fact that she got to publish those very novels that she loved writing was, a happy ending enough. Who are we to judge an ending to be happy or not?
And, there is quite a bit of a chance most of that shit was fictionalized and did not actually happen, but it still applies.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ella Enchanted: The wretched movie, the amazing book

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine is basically a retell of Cinderella-and a wonderful one at that. It was and still is one of my early favorites, I remember reading it again and again and again, until I could  easily capture the sequence of the incidents from the beginning till the end and I would think about it every night until I got over the obsession, and started on a new one (which is usually my case with books).
Gail Carson Levine has a unique talent of converting a bedtime, mindless, fairy tale into a beautifully woven story that covers all its bases from romance to descriptive imagery knitted together with flowing words that makes you keep turning the pages. I have read quite a few fairy tale retells; that were fairly captivating like Beastly (which is Beauty and the Beast) and A Kiss in Time (which is sleeping beauty) by Alex Flinn and mind-blowingly awesome ones like Cinder and Scarlett by 
Marissa Meyer (more on that later).
Back to Ella and her world of mystical creatures from Ogres with their ‘sweet compelling voice’, Elves with their excellent crafts and magical work, centaurs and of course, annoying fairies. We start by finding out that Ella has been ‘cursed’ by an idiotic fairy with ‘her gift of obedience’ which is quite a common thing to do for this fairy for she thinks it’s a wonderful life to live by ‘becoming a squirrel’ or by cursing babies with gifts that leaves them with no choice but to do what the other asks/commands (depends on the way you phrase it). The story takes off with her mother dying and her Father; who’s a bit of a gold digger marrying another woman who treats Ella exactly the way we all know how. Ella as a character is smart, pretty, resourceful, brave, funny and stubborn; her character is the heart of the book it makes the entire story worth reading.
It was after a year or two that I finally got on to watching the movie; I remember being excited about it. However not too further into the movie my excitement was squelched with a rather sickening grip, it got worse and worse until I closed it mid-way. It was horrible-enough said.
 Levine’s written others; like Fairest (which is; Snow White-what a surprise)and a few more that I did not enjoy as much as I did this one. Do read!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Game of Thrones-A review

So Game of Thrones, I was recommended it, by a friend who happens to be obsessed with the story; Books and TV-she literally gets a buzz, just from talking about it. I started with the TV and it took the first five episodes to get me hooked onto the show even though the bizarre and explicit X-rated scenes were difficult to get over. It’s true it gets a bit close to pornography a few times but it’s the drama that needs focusing and it’s the drama, indeed that makes it worth watching. The problem is however; I find it hard getting attached to a character-for fear of them ending up dead (which, fyi if you didn’t know-consider yourself warned),  In my quest to get to the depth of the characters, I started reading the book. The books I feel, or should I say the ‘book’, the first part that I somehow, managed to read; was quite slow-paced and I need, more often than not; a fast paced book to keep my interest intact. So that’s what happened, that and the fact that I’d already watched the first season!
 What makes a book my favorite is 50% Story 25% writing 25% Characters. Focusing on the characters; the more realistic the character’s feelings are the better the book is especially if it’s of the fiction genre, it makes the book an intense roller coaster. I feel I should still reserve my judgments’ regarding the books since I haven’t given the entire series a fair chance.  But the TV show’s vivid scenes are what make them so good and true to the book.